The Backcountry Camps in Austin Creek State Recreation Area are closed until further notice due to budget cuts. Dayrides OK.

Armstrong Redwoods State Reserve and the adjoining Austin Creek State Recreation Area offer the equestrian over 20 miles of trails exploring 6000 acres of deep cool redwoods, shady conifer and oak woodlands, sunny chaparral, open grasslands, and the riparian habitats of five streams. Elevations range from 120 feet above sea level to 2000' Coastal Mountain vistas. Trails are frequently steep, rugged and narrow with unsided bridges but nothing too treacherous for experienced trail horses and riders comfortable in mountainous terrain (except the abandoned and overgrown Gilliam Creek Trail). 

DAY RIDERS can pay the day-use fee and park their trailers by the Maintenance Yard behind the picnic area where trailheads connect to the East Ridge Trail or Pool Ridge Trail. Buy a map at the Entrance or Visitor Center so you don't get lost. Take the right fork after you enter the Park, do NOT attempt to drive a trailer to our Pack Station.


Although the streams are safe for horses, carry plenty of drinking water for there is no potable water in the backcountry. Pack lunch and prepare for changes in temperature and weather.

HORSE CAMPING:  These camps are currently closed. Camping in the Backcountry is no longer allowed. Disregard info below.


For more information, phone Laura & Jonathan Ayers, ranch and pack station owners, in the evening at (707) 887-2939.

  Jonathan & Laura Ayers 
guides/outfitters/ owners - Since 1983 
Box 287, Guerneville, CA 95446 
(707) 887-2939  

All rides reserved by phone conversation only.